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by Lucien Rienzi

Why Your Cold Call Prospects End Up as NO-SHOWS

Sound Familiar?

Sick of no-shows? Especially from cold calling?

You pick up the phone. Dial, dial, and dial. Eventually your pitch resonates with someone – that’s if you get past the endless sea of gatekeepers.

You get them interested. They agree to booking the call. You take their mobile number and email and throw it into Calendly. Add another booked appointment to your metrics tracking sheet. Nice.

We all know what happens next, must I elaborate? The day of the call, still no answer or confirmation from the prospect.

Time of the call arrives, you’re thinking “maybe they just didn’t confirm, but they said they’re interested, so they will be there.” Right?

And… it’s another no-show.

Why Your Prospects Don’t Show Up.

It’s about respect. They have NO respect for you. Zero. That’s it. The guide could end here.

I mean why should they stick to their word? What makes YOU worthy of that? What makes YOU so special?

Let’s put it this way – if you had a job, that you NEEDED, LOVED, and WANTED TO KEEP, and your boss said “Hey let’s meet tomorrow at 3 pm to discuss XYZ” – you would show up right? Or would you ghost your boss?

You would be there bang on time because you RESPECT your boss, and you fear losing out on something if you don’t show up (your job, livelihood, etc.).

If your prospects respected you, they WOULD show up. It’s actually just as simple as that.

You MUST learn how to demand respect.

How to Demand Respect

Practical steps you can apply right now to increase your show-up rate.

  1. Always manually book your prospects into Calendly (or GHL, Hubspot, etc.)
  2. ALWAYS set the tone from the BEGINNING of the interaction. Let people know you are a professional and MUST be respected.
  3. NEVER allow yourself to be ghosted. Always cancel the appointment is someone does confirm.
  4. Get your prospects to COMMIT EMOTIONALLY. This is the key. Get them to visualize and verbally confirm their commitment.
  5. Use my CROCODILE method; Calm, calm, calm, (when the moment is right)…STRIKE.
  6. Learn to be Persistent with your follow-up WITHOUT appearing needy or weak.

Master those six steps above and you will master the act of demanding respect.

Once you have mastered and put into place the act of demanding respect, no-shows will no longer be an issue, ever.

0% No-Show Rate?

Want to drop your no-show rate to precisely zero percent? Yes that’s right, like actually zero. No tricks, no catch.

Like 100% guaranteed show-up rate, zero prospects ghosting you? And want to learn how to Demand Respect?

We’ve made a fully comprehensive guide that covers the guaranteed method to dropping your no-show rate to 0%, as well as a detailed breakdown of the steps we listed above in the previous section which will teach you how to Demand Respect – and actually get it.

It’s not free, but it will revolutionize the way you set appointments when cold calling. Check it out here.

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