The Lion's quarters

by Lucien Rienzi

Why Your Cold Call Prospects Give Some Many OBJECTIONS

Can you call me back?

Or even worse… Can you send me an email? 

Look let’s cut the shit.

People say “Can you send me an email” for ONLY one of two reasons.

  1. They’re trying to be POLITE. They want to let you down easily. They’re nice. But not interested. And just can’t figure out how to get rid of you.
  2. They are ACTUALLY interested, BUT, because of whatever reason, they FEEL like they NEED to see an email first.

How to Get Over These Objections

Step one is realising when you are presented with these objections is that IT IS JUST A TEST.

It is a test from the prospect. They are testing the level of respect you have for yourself.

So don’t fold. Don’t crumble. Don’t succumb to weakness. STAY STRONG.

How to Demand Respect

I refuse to lie, ever – This one takes A LOT of time, knowledge, and skills to get over.

Here’s my basic framework that allows me to handle pretty much any objections.

This took hundreds (literally) of hours of cold calling and putting up with shit from prospects paired with endless hours of thinking and trying way of handling objections. That’s what I’ve come up with and that’s what I use still to do this day – it’s never failed me.

Fast-Track Your Objection Handling Skills

I’ve put together a fully comprehensive guide. I’ve condensed down all the info you need to handle the common “Can you call me back?” and “Can you send that in an email first”. 

It’s not free, and you could definitely learn it all yourself by doing many many cold calls, but it will save you time. A lot of it. Check it out here.

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